Urban Moves

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2014 was the latest Urban Moves installment, but hopefully won’t be the last. It saw 15 professional dance companies from Spain, France & the UK transform the familiar spaces of Piccadilly Gardens & Cathedral Gardens into unique stages for a day. Continuing the tradition of breaking contemporary dance performance out of the theatre & onto the streets for free, Urban Moves is the festival that laid the foundations for what is now a national trend.

The calling we believe there is for outdoor dance feeds the need to reach a new audience. Giving people a taste of something new is often the push they need to try something new, enticing them to indulge somewhat more regularly in dance. Contemporary dance draws on self-perception of the piece and can at times be abstract. However, dance in unusual spaces creates a talking point, a common ground to discuss the performance between two first-time viewers of dance.

It’s time to relive the eclectic mix of dance; from Mastoc Productions’ emotional ‘Dis-Le Moi’ to the comical ‘Shiny Shorts’ by Them Two Dance. We hope you’ve enjoyed looking back at more than 10 years of our Urban Moves. Now let’s look forward to the future…


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